The importance of getting pre-approval cannot be overstated- how else will you know your budget for your dream home? Talking with the Mortgage Diversity Team can help you to understand exactly what you can afford, while taking into account the down-payment, land transfer tax, closing fees, and all other fees and payments that may come up. The Mortgage Diversity Team will work through every step of the process with you, making sure you understand exactly what the costs will be, and help you with the pre-approval and qualification for a mortgage that will make a budget with you, so you can start shopping for your dream home!

The other benefit of starting this process early is that if you are pre-approved for a mortgage, you are eligible to secure that interest rate for up to four months, even if rates go up. If interest rates decrease, you can still have access to the lower rate- so you are guaranteed to get the best rate! Contact us at the Mortgage Diversity Team to discuss the best financing options for you.

Get Pre-Approved