Marcy Berg


Who Is Marcy?

As the Team Lead for the Mortgage Diversity Team with over 30 years of industry experience, Marcy Berg works hard to make sure all of your mortgage needs are taken care of and she won’t stop until she has found the mortgage solution for you. Her career started in a bank, but she realized that the banks were focused on the profit, not the client, and so she made the move to become an independent mortgage broker. Her ability to provide you with options from a multitude different lenders, means that Marcy can attain the best rates with flexible features that suit your needs. Marcy’s favourite part of the job is the customer service, meeting new people and finding the right mortgage for their specific situation. She loves helping people achieve their home ownership goals, and finds particular pride in helping women build wealth using real estate. Marcy understands the community in the Northumberland area and is ready to help you with your unique situation. In her spare time, March enjoys reading and spending time in her Prince Edward Island seaside home. She also enjoys taking courses to keep her mortgage knowledge up to date, and is a proud member of the Toronto Rotary Club..