Rick Riley


Who Is Rick?

With an honest and straightforward approach, Rick Riley is a mortgage agent who can help you find the right mortgage for you. Rick was the past owner and operator of the largest property management firm in Northumberland County, and he brings this extensive real estate knowledge to the Mortgage Diversity Team. Since becoming a Licensed Mortgage Agent, Rick has experience doing all types of mortgages for every unique situation. He enjoys working with people and helping them obtain their dream home or property. He likes a challenge and helping people find the best rates can at times be challenging, but he gets the job done. Due to his past work as a property manager, he specializes in commercial mortgages and can help deal with any issues that arise from purchasing commercial and investment properties. Outside of his work as a mortgage agent, Rick is the Chair of the Cobourg Economic Development, President of Rotary Club of Cobourg, as well as Executive Director of the Northumberland Fare Share Food banks.