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Looking to mortgage a commercial property?

Do you own your own business and want to own the property it's located in?  It maybe easier than you think.  The biggest problem with owning commercial real estate is the cost of getting into it.  If you have never owned commercial real estate before but you have owned a home you are in for a big shock.  Owning a commercial property is not a get rich quick plan but over time it can have huge dividends. 

Typically people have stayed away because of false ideas.  Gone are the days when you needed years of financial statements in order to qualify.  These days it's actually easy!  If this is an idea you are exploring please get in touch with us and allow us to share our knowledge.  We believe in "Big Picture" thinking so if you think your idea makes sense then call us for a chat.  Let us work out the math for you. 

Marcy L Berg

Mortgage Agent

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